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Better Business

Those two words do an effective and highly efficient job of summing up what we do. We could just about leave it at that, but we won’t.

Better business means different things to different people, and because of that, our approach is highly customised for every client.

Our tax accountants help Perth business owners achieve better financial performance in their businesses by treating them as individuals. When we invest in relationships and building our understanding of each client, the accounting, tax and financial advice we give them is far more effective.

At the centre of our vision to achieving better business outcomes for our clients, is access. You won’t find any ivory towers at Butler Settineri. Our approach is to make every staff member, starting with the partners, as accessible as possible.

Our approach is anything but typical. Our Partners are often having informal conversations with their clients to field urgent questions and give advice on immediate needs. Our Partners hit the road to meet with clients in their businesses, across Perth and out into regional Western Australia. It’s not typical, but it is how we do things at Butler Settineri, and our clients wouldn’t have it any other way because it really works beautifully.

From our point of view, there is no more effective way to understand a business and the people behind it, than to immerse ourselves in that business and the people behind it.

So, let’s return to the top. Better business. It sounds simple, and sometimes it can be, but behind that simplicity lies plenty of time, some serious conversations and plenty of thinking and hard work.

It’s these things that allow us to develop the best possible accounting and financial solutions for the people we work with.